A great way to enjoy whisky is through a Whisky Tasting event.

At Whiskey's Orchard we run a number of different events from private parties and corporate hospitality to regular tastings for anyone or one off events.  Whatever you're looking for we can create a tasting event to fit.

Prices depend on a number of factors including location, the number and types of whisky and the number of people attending. Contact us to get a bespoke quote.

Regular events open to everyone are listed in Events or alternatively contact us directly for more information 


What happens at a Whisky Tasting?

  • Experience whisky at it's fullest - taking in the colours, textures, aromas and tastes that make this such an intriguing drink

  • Learn about the whisky, where it comes from and how it's character is developed

  • Compare whiskies side by side - a great way to explore the nuances of each - you may be surprised!

  • Learn techniques in drinking whisky, what to look for and what to expect before you even open the bottle

  • Single Malt, Single Grain, Bourbon, Blended  - find out what it all means

  • To mix or not - 'how do you take yours?'

  • What do age statements mean and is older always better?

  • How important is the barrel

  • What makes a whisky smokey

  • Don't all whiskies taste like medicine...

Bespoke tastings

  • Select your own particular theme or type of whisky

    • e.g. ​The wonders of Speyside, Scotch in all it's glory, World Whiskies, English Whiskies, Irish Pot Still, 

    • Focus on a particular distillery, e.g. Glenfarclas

    • Or style. e.g. sherry casks, light whiskies or peated whisky

  • Decide on your own or ask us for more ideas​

General notes

  • We will provide:

    • Glassware​ (Glencairn nosing glasses)

    • Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon etc.

    • Spring water for mixing

    • Other associated items - pipets etc.

    • Alcohol licences as required

  • You provide:

    • People

    • Suitable venue (can be a home, office or a rented space) - we can advise on suitable places if necessary

    • Any other food or drink required by you and your guests.

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