Further Information

Returns and Exchanges

Returns are accepted for exchange or refund on all items matching the following criteria.  Items will be checked upon return and buyers notified within 48 hours of receipt.

Return criteira:

  • To return or exchange an item please notify Whiskey's Orchard within 14 days of receipt of the goods.  Notification can be sent by email to orders@whiskeysorchard.co.uk or by using the comment section on the website home page.

  • Whiskey's Orchard will provide a "Return reference code".  Please quote this on all correspondance and include it with your item.

  • If the item is faulty photographic evidence may be requested.

  • Items must be returned in the same condition they were sent - unused and undamaged

  • Items must be received by Whiskey's Orchard within 30 days of purchase.

  • All items will be checked by Whiskey's Orchard for return approval. 

  • Refunds will be given using the same method as the purchase.

  • Buyer accepts responsibility for the return including insuring the item against damage and the cost of return.

  • Returns are not accepted for any items that have had additional engraving or alterations at the customers request. 

Packaging and the environment

We are committed to keeping the environment free of unnecessary waste.  We therefore aim to reuse packaging as much as possible to minimise the impact we have, after all we rely on our beautiful land to give us the water and grains which make whisky production possible.  

This means your order may well arrive in a box & with packaging which has previously been used.  Boxes and packaging are carefully checked to ensure suitability for onward use, and we'll only reuse clean, clear and uncontaminated items.  All packaging is quarentined for at least 2 weeks or longer before being used to ensure it is free from any virus or other contaminations invisible to the human eye.


Where recycling packaging is not possible due to incorrect sizes / damaged boxes we aim to use environmentally sustainable products that can then be recycled by the purchaser.   

We hope you will appreciate and support us with this.


Data Protection and GDPR

The security of your information is very important to us.  

Whiskey's Orchard collects and uses your data in order to process your order and ship it to you.  We do not collect or pass on any data that is not essential to our service.  To process and deliver our service we use a variety of third party organisations as specified below.  Your information is provided to these parties on a need to know basis and links to their GDPR policies are provided below.  To help protect your information Whiskey's Orchard has vetted these companies to ensure they have suitable policies in place.  This Policy covers only that Data which we have collected for our own purposes.  Third Party companies may collect data for their own use, please use the links below for further information.  If you prefer us to use one company over another due to data protection concerns please let us know.


We do have an opt-in mailing list which interested customers may choose to join. Information is stored purely by Whiskey's Orchard and is used purely for the intended purpose of providing further news to those customers.  Membership of this list is purely voluntary and any person wishing to be removed may do so at any time by emailing the team at info@whiskeysorchard.co.uk or using the feedback form on the website. 

Third Parties

WIX        This is our website platform.  They manage all information on the site.  They are committed to data security and provide further information here.  The Website does use Cookies - users are asked for consent of the various types when accessing the website - further information and the ability to change your consent can be found in the Cookie declaration above.

STRIPE   This is the payment system app used within WIX to process orders.  They use a coding system to keep your details safe.  Further information about their data security can be found here.

PAYPAL  We also offer customers the ability to pay for their goods through PayPal.  Payments made in this way will therefore adhere to the data protection policy of paypal.  Information on this can be found here.

MY HERMES   We generally use My Hermes for the shipping of items.  We find them to be very reliable.  To ship your items we do need to provide them with your details including either a telephone number or email to contact you should any issues arise.  Further information about the data they collect and their security is available here.  Please note they only receive your name, address and contact info, no financial information is passed across.

APC         This is another courier service we sometimes use.  Again as with My Hermes the information that is given to them is just that which is required for safe delivery of your item.  Further information is available here.

ROYAL MAIL   At times we also use Royal Mail for shipping goods.  Their security information can be found here.

SUM UP    If you buy from us at other places - such as Festivals, and you pay by card we use a system called SumUp to take and process your payment.  This enables us to use the mobile networks to take card payments when we're in the middle of a field!  As part of this payment receipts are available by email or mobile phone using the SumUp system.  The security of your financial information and your contact details are managed by SumUp and you can view their data security policy here.   Much of this policy applies to the owner of the account (which is Whiskey's Orchard) however for the customer card holder security please go to section 6 of the policy.  SumUp is certified as compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).  

If you require further information or have any concerns, please contact us at info@whiskeysorchard.co.uk or using the contact form on the home page.

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