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"Today's rain is tomorrow's whisky"

(Scottish Proverb)

Rain clouds over Arran (C) Whiskey's Orchard

Whether you're from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Tanzania, Sweden or another incredible whisky making country, one thing is for certain the passion, love and patience that goes into producing your whisk(e)y is the same.  Whether you spell it with an "e" or drink it with Green Tea, there are millions of people across the globe who sip this golden nectar.  Many can talk to you for hours about how to drink it, where it comes from, relaying tales and stories... all with a dram in hand of course.  How you enjoy yours is up to you.


I would always recommend you taste it neat first, no added water, no ice.  Then start by adding just a small amount of water - the purest the better (bottled spring water is fine, although there are some very fancy water mixers around if you want to impress!).  Once you've been able to taste the true delicacies of your dram you then have an idea about the true flavours and what mixers would work best.  Then if you prefer to drink your whisky with coke or ginger ale - carry on, it's your drink so enjoy!

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