Whiskey Tasting
Wheat Field

Whisky or whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made from distilling fermented grain which is then matured in a wooden barrel.  There are just 3 ingredients - the grain, water and yeast. 

The flavours and variances come from many different elements in the production process.  From the type of grain used, to the style of still, the point of extraction and the barrel it's left to mature in. Even after it's matured the whisky you drink may well have been mixed with other whiskies either from the same distillery (Single Malt) or from other distilleries (Blend) in order to provide you with the best possible taste and experience.

Scotland has by far the largest number of distilleries per square mile and is known world wide for it's Scotch.  There are however a growing number of distilleries in other countries producing very fine drams.  Some are well known such as Ireland, America and Japan.  Others less so such as Tasmania and Sweden.  


Of course there are also a growing number of distilleries in England.  I wonder if you have visited the English Whisky Company, The Lakes Distillery, Adnams or even Cooper King Distillery near York - to mention but a few.

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