Whisky Experiences



Experience guided tastings sessions, complete with whisky samples for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

You'll receive one of our smart new whisky boxes complete with whisky samples, information and a pre-recorded tasting session led by our very own Whisky Ambassador, Ingrid Jones.

Choose from a range of sets including Engligh Whisky, Irish Whiskey and Whisky from around the World


Great for gifts, date nights or just some well deservered R&R!



These tasting sessions are ran live at a stated date and time. Led by our very own Whisky Ambassador Ingrid Jones.  Each session features carefully selected whiskies (sent to you in advance) You can join her and others as you delve into the wonders of this amber nectar.

These are generally blind tastings where a theme is given in advance but the individual whiskies are not.  Places are limited and access to Zoom is required.



Create your own event by inviting our Whisky Ambassador to your group for a fun session geared around you.  Join together with friends / family / colleagues to share the tasting experience, since everyone knows experiences are best when shared. 

With whiskies delivered to all in advance, Ingrid will lead you through your own bespoke event.


Currently available virtually through Zoom - please contact us for more information.  Limited numbers apply.


Something a little special

Individual or small group experiences in all things whisky.  (1 to 4 people).  Currently available virtually through Zoom.

Small and personalised, learn about whisky, whiskey and bourbon with your own focused session.

Something Else....

Here at Whiskey's Orchard we like to be inclusive and we realise some people do not like whisky (gasp!)  

If you love the idea of a bespoke tasting experience but not with whisky we also offer the following experience: (just so you don't miss out!)


Delve into the world of spirits & learn about:

  • How they are created

  • Their similarities & differences

  • What to look out for

Available as an Expirience to enjoy at your leisure or as a Bespoke Tasting event:

For further information or to book please contact us -



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