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It was 2001 when I was introduced to Whisky for the first time.  Working as a Conference Manager for a residential international conference, our speakers and delegates came from all over the world.  One of the Professors visiting from the USA was a Whisky Connoisseur and he volunteered to organise a whisky tasting session one evening.

As I was involved with the organisation I missed out on this event which was reported as a highlight of the conference.  Surprisingly, and fortunately for me, not all the whisky was consumed so at the end of the conference I had my own personal whisky tasting session.  Being taught ways of drinking whisky and learning about the many different varieties stayed with me for many years.  From that moment on my cupboard always contained a bottle of whisky – not usual for a young female at the time!  Although I tasted six different whisky’s that night I remember just two, Highland Park and Talisker.  Talisker was my instant favourite and to this day I still enjoy a wee dram of the complex characters it contains.

My fascination with this drink remained in the background of my mind and when I got my first pet there was no other name I wanted than one associated with my favourite tipple.  However as a male cat entered my world I decided Talisker, with the potential shortened version Talli, was somewhat girly for a male tom cat.  So he was named Whiskey, with the “e” as I liked the aesthetic nature of the word.  This cat was mischievous and complex, in many ways took on the array of different characteristics his name sake alluded to – sometimes soft, sometimes rough, warm but with a potential bite when you’re not expecting it!

Whiskey’s home became Orchard House where he spent many happy days in and amongst the trees and plants .  His forever home is now amongst the Orchard trees of his garden.  As Whiskey the cat had been such a big part of my life it felt befitting to honour him with the title of the business, hence “Whiskey’s Orchard” was born. 

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